Refractory Services

Refractory material servicers provided by Company PROFIL KOMERC are as follows:

Designing of refractory linings

Installation of all kinds of refractories, thermal-insulating and acid proof materials.

Professional supervision during the installation of refractory materials

Designing of refractory lining includes selection of appropriate material quality and adequate brick shapes that should be installed, and also making of detailed lining drawings. According to finished refractory lining project, final specification for needed material is determined. Professional – engineering staff engaged in company PROFILE KOMERC have respectable experience in designing refractory linings for a wide range of thermal units in iron and steel metallurgy non-ferrous metallurgy, non-metal industry and other fields of refractory materials applications. As a part of cooperation with the Harbison Walker International, is the cooperation with their Sales Engineering Department. In this way, for specific project tasks, we are able to get their expertise, which enables making of most complex projects.

Well-designed project is the starting point for achieving top performance in refractory lining endurance but very important factor is well installed material, too. We, the PROFIL KOMERC can commend that until today, all the linings we installed, achieved outstanding results. This fact can be noticeid in our reference list. Masonry staffs employed in company PROFILE KOMERC are educated for jobs in refractory industry, so our qualifications structure consist of High-qualified, Qualified and Semi-qualified refractory bricklayers. With 20 years of average experience, our craftsmen are highly experienced and well-coordinated team that can perform the most demanding tasks.

During execution of refractory linings, in all phases, Company PROFIL KOMERC provides professional supervision and process control.

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